teaching post for painting at the Salzburg International Summer Academy for Fine Art, 2003


Program 2006: "Painting – present time, memory, fiction".

The artist sees what is real, abstracts it and transforms it into personal imagery. Reality dissolves; inspiration creates new worlds.
The creative process starts from personal images, fixed in the memory or on paper. Thus private records, biography, photographs, can provide inspiration, or quotations from literature, history, etc. It is a question of sharpening the visual awareness and finding individual methods of concretising and visualising ideas in the mind. A quick sketch is the start of the process. A deeper study of the chosen subject is achieved through a variety of approaches (drawing, photo, sketch-book). Practical and theoretical aspects will be continuously discussed in one-to-one conversations. Besides working on a personal theme, students will have the occasional opportunity of working with a nude model – on the one hand, to relax from intensive work on the personal theme, on the other, to give a new angle on artistic reflection. What does the eye see, how does the brain process what is seen, and what does the arm/hand put on the paper or the canvas?
The course also focuses on exploration of individual possibilities for presentation. In addition to preparation for the final exhibition, concepts for individual exhibitions will be worked out, using a scale model. Students should bring all they need to equip an individual studio space. Any media can be used (pencil, charcoal, ink, etc.) and many kinds of paint (acrylic, tempera, etc. – but no oils). A digital camera would be useful though not essential.